We are old school quail hunters that hunted quail all over Texas until there were no quail to hunt. In order to continue the sport we love, we decided to raise the best flight conditioned birds possible. To achieve this, we have built an extremely long flight pen and only use high protein feed.

Our facility for the birds we use for hunting offers:

135 Foot Long Flight Pens with Ventilated Quail Shelters

Flight Conditioned Bobwhite Quail (22 weeks old+)

Flight Conditioned Pheasant (22 weeks old+)

Flight Conditioned Chukars (22 weeks old+)

 All of our birds are at least 22 weeks old providing fully developed wings, tail feathers, & muscles. This makes all the difference in the quality if the hunt!!!

We will take you on a safe and enjoyable hunt. We supply a cooler, ice, and bottled water. If you so desire, you may bring the beverage of your choice. We will also supply the dog or you may bring your own.

If you just want to taste the great flavor of quail, we have Flight Conditioned Bobwhite the best tasting, by far, of any Quail.

Call or email us at any time! We look forward to meeting you.
East Texas Quail Hunting
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GPS: 32.759163 -94.80407
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